Graduation with Style

IMG_6871I had the privilege to do an amazing young mans college graduation party in May. I loved everything about this party. It was simple, elegant, sparkly, classy and was a perfect fit to his style and vision for his celebration.

He is a double major graduate, with honors, from The University of Texas at Austin. His awards are too numerous to count. Plus, he started his own company during his senior year so there was much to celebrate.

We did a rooftop party at the Austin Saengerrunde Hall. I just love this place. The catering was done by @t large . They are the best in the Austin area!

We could not have asked for better weather the evening of the party. We had rain for about a month straight but no rain the day/night of the party. In fact, as we were loading up my car after cleaning up after party at 1 am, a few sprinkles started to fall. So thankful for that.

Here are a few photos of the party set up and party itself.

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My Craft Studio

I have been so busy with working on my next idea I have neglected to blog. Follow me on Facebook and you will always get a sneak peek into what’s going on.

So my idea involves getting everyone creative whether you are a creative type or not. Hopefully as things unfold I can share more with you soon.

But in the meantime, here is a peek into some of the creative fun.

Love Banner


banner 1

Mesh Pumpkin

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Camping Party

IMG_0372The weather is beautiful here and a camping party was on the schedule for a special boy and his friends.

Planning a camping party is simple and quick. Go with the basics; a tent, hot dogs, trail mix and outdoor games. The boys played so much they hardly ate, well… until cake time anyway.

Make your own trail mix bar was a hit for kids and parents a like. I used some of Printabelle’s camping prints. They tied in with the décor nicely.

photo 4

I made a pool noodle javelin for the boys as well as giant pick up sticks. Both are simple projects that will add fun to any party, camp out or camping trip.

IMG_0375Pick up Sticks:

36 – 1/2″ dowel rods, 48″ long

Spray paint.

1. Divide dowel rods into 5 groups of 6 sticks.

2. Spray each group a different paint color. I used green, blue, red, yellow, purple.

3. With the extra dowel rod paint it black, this is your helper stick.

Pool Noodle Javelin:

12 pool noodles

Duct Tape

1. Connect ends of a pool noodle to itself and wrap with duct tape at least 3 times. Do this for 6 of the noodles.

2. Connect rings together, 3 on top, 3 on bottom securing with duct tape.

3. Attach end rings to another noodle, these will be the legs.

4. Use a metal rod and insert into the legs of the javelin and hammer into the ground. The metal rods keep the noodles straight and secure resulting on hours of play time.

5. Use the remaining 4 noodles as the javelins.


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Library Baby Shower

9In late December I traveled to Mississippi for a baby shower. It was a shower for a first-born and the parents are avid readers so we did a library themed shower. We asked the guests to bring books so there would be plenty books to read to their new little bundle.

I created a guest book of sorts by taking the mother and fathers favorite childhood book to create 2 new books that each guest help write. There was also library cards for the guests to place in the book with a note to the new baby.

I used old book pages as a table runner and books from the parents childhood as decorations.

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Holiday Cocktails.

peppermint ice cocktail

Need a festive drink for your Holiday Party. Red Envelope has compiled several delish cocktails to choose from. You can check out the full pictorial list of them here on their blog. They have also included links to the recipes.

tom and jerry cocktail

Photo: Persimmon and Peach

cherry thyme champagne

Photo: Baked Bree

coco snowball

Photo: Wedding Blog by The Breakers

I am in love with all the colors and flavors. There is sure to be something to please all of your guests.

italian eggnog

Photo: Betty Crocker


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Christmas Advent

Last weekend I threw a girls craft night. We made advent calendars. This is my advent calendar I made and hung in the kitchen window.

I had been thinking a different and special ways to love on and bless my husband during the Christmas season that is not centered around buying something so I decided to combine the advent calendar idea and the 12 Days of Christmas into one gift.

I call it The 12 Days of Christmas Loving You

It is a simple project you can squeeze into the next 8 days so it is ready for him on December 1. Or you can choose to start it 12 days before or 12 days over Christmas. I am choosing December 1-12. He travels and this will be something I can throw in his suitcase and he can feel loved on the road. Plus, I think it will be great for our relationship at this time since life is busy with parties, traveling, activities, shopping etc… it is purposefully taking a moment each day to love him.

photo 3


All you need are 13 envelopes, some stickers, cardstock, ribbon or yarn and notecards. Use any other embellishments you may have on hand.

Decorate the front of 12 envelopes with numbers; use 1 envelope to make a book cover, hole punch and then secure with yarn.

photo 2a

photo 5

Make a list of 12 reasons why you love your spouse and write or type them on the notecards.

Slide note cards in envelopes and it is ready to go.

I chose to hand write each card and the cover. I prefer that when I give my husband a note or letter that I handwrite it. I feel it is more intimate than typing. But that is just me. Have fun with it and make it simple. It is the reasons why you love your spouse that is the show stealer!


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Sock Hop

place settingAnother successful birthday party.

The 1950’s Sock Hop was a hit. All the girls received a poodle skirt and cat eye glasses upon arrival and took them home as their party favors.

ETC Creative Designs did a fantastic job with the skirts.

Of course bottled Coca-Cola, burgers, fries and root beer floats was the menu of choice. We had fun with serving the food in baskets.







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A Hoot of a Party

centerpiececupcakesThis girl only party was a hit. Each young lady made a lantern owl to take home. The favor bags were filled with owl jewelry and some sweet treats.

Cupcakes were simple and the girls loved the eyes (Oreo’s) and extra icing. window




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Make it cheerful!

IMG_0057Often times it is easy to get stuck in a rut and making sure each invitation looks exactly the same when the only thing that needs to be the same is the information you want your guests to have. Your guests are unlikely to compare invitation and critique that their’s may not be just like someone else’s. The sky is the limit for ideas, possibilities in coordinating patterns and colors. Have fun with it and make a statement about your party. Your card and envelopes do not have to be the same color either, step outside the box and have fun!

Last week I finished up a large order for a family reunion and not one invite looked like another. I used bright colors to draw attention to the information and to make it cheerful to look at. The best part is the client was thrilled with the end product. She is happy, I am happy!


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It’s a Pirate Party Matey’s!

A sweet 7-year-old had a fabulous Pirate Party this past weekend. Here are some of the fun ways I decorated. My favorite was turning the table into a ship.


I found some fabulous Pirate Printables over at Printabelle that I used for this party. You should go check her out!

The party food was simple snacks: Pirate Booty, Goldfish, fruits and veggies and Jello cups with an orange “ship” on top. Since all the guests received a pirate hat, eye patch and pirate sword I did not plan activities. Most of the guests were boys so I left them to their imagination as pirates with a sword and a pirate ship. There was a pinata for them near the end of the party and of course, boys love to try to destroy things. Along with the pirate attire each guest went home with a bag of gold treasure.

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Thanks for stopping by, have a blessed day!

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