It all starts now…

This is exciting! I am not as nervous as I have been when thinking about if I wanted to make more of my hobby. But it is just the beginning. I love to share my ideas and collaborate with others on party planning. I love all aspects of entertaining and creating and maybe others will love what I do, maybe I might get hired for a party or two and maybe, just maybe my hobby will turn into a profitable profession.

I am currently working on a party for this coming Sunday. It is a family party, my oldest is getting baptized. Since I am her mom the occasion certainly requires a grand celebration. Since her first birthday she has had marvelous, house transforming parties, so it is no surprise that celebrating her baptism should get at least the same scale of party. Many family members are coming into town and I am working on party decor and house cleaning all at the same time all while setting up a new blog and working with the best website designer around to get my actual business website up and running.

I will snap some pictures of the decorations I am making for Sunday and tell you all about that party in a later post.

Thanks for stopping by!



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One Response to It all starts now…

  1. Mandy says:

    Oooh, Congrats and Good Luck! I’ve always wanted to turn my hobby into a profession as well, maybe with you as inspiration I will!

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