Party Chandeliers

Lately I have been on a chandelier kick. For my oldest Tea Party Birthday Party I did 2 chandeliers.

A HUGE ribbon one for the foyer

This one was a bear to do. The size of it was the first obstacle. It wore me and my assistant for the week out. It currently resides in an unused closet, no way I am gonna get rid of it. I will use it every chance I get! Too much sweat equity in it.

I also did a variety of small chandeliers. Here is on of them.

I also did a balloon chandelier over the dinning table.

For the Baptism party on Sunday I am also making a chandelier. It will not be for the foyer, I scaled down a bit. This one has been fun to make as well…it is my paper chandelier. I am sure I may come up with a better name for it in the future.

I am still working on it…this is what it looks like half done. I think I might also do a balloon chandelier Sunday too… have many ideas about the tablescape and other decor. So you will just have to keep stopping by to see what I decide to do!

 Not sure why the last picture loaded so big..

Have a blessed day!



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