Baptism Party

The weekend went by way too fast. it was a great weekend though. Lots of family, food and fun.

For the Baptism party I used Taylor’s favorite color as the main theme. I had a great time doing this party and all who were there said it was absolutely beautiful. Taylor, loved it all. She told me it was so pretty and fancy. So it was a great success since Taylor was happy.

A special thanks to Callie for the artwork designs.

The adorable straws came fom my favorite place to shop for containers, labels and other party needs. Garnish. 

Now my focus will turn to some Christmas parties that have been scheduled and the making of my families Christmas cards and annual photo book.

Have a blessed day!

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4 Responses to Baptism Party

  1. Tanya says:

    So sweet~ thanks, for sharing! I love Garnish too!!!

  2. Thais says:

    Everything looks awesome! Love the drinks!

  3. Bronwyn says:

    Thanks Thais

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