Create PAM a Party!

Ok I follow a few other party people and Pam at Party Starters is one of them. Since I added the link to her site you can see that she is looking for inspiration for her birthday.

Here is the criteria:

  •  A do it yourself cupcake decorating buffet with different flavors of cupcakes, frostings & toppings
  •  A fun little bar with a few swanky cocktails
  •  The color scheme will be Gray, Cream and Leafy Green (incorporate damask)

This is what I know about Pam:

To help you get started here are some things you may or may not know about me

  •  I have two younger brothers, therefore I can easily be one of the guys
  • While I love my jeans and hoodies I also love to dress up and be girlie! 
  • I LOVE Vintage
  • I also love Modern
  • My favorite color is green 
  • I am a music girl…love love love music! I can’t read sheet music, but I love the way it looks.
  • I am extremely sappy and cry easily at stupid commercials.
  • One more tid bit in case you didn’t know this already…I am a CHOCOLATE FREAK! So make sure one, two or three of the flavors you suggest have something with chocolate!!

To be honest I thought on this for a few days. Typical thoughts like, someone else could do better…I am working on 3 events right now and this is just ideas and a contest at that so I may never hear anything about this…but it kept nagging at me…without thought or effort my mind was creating her party. So it is almost 11 PM and I am posting her party…OK what I would do for her party if she was to hire me. I hope it provides some inspiration to her and others and of course if she uses an idea or 2 that would be awesome.

Ok here are the must haves…

1. Candles: Why these candles. She love music and so these candles are a must. Sold at Pottery Barn.

2. Damask. I chose black so her colors green and yellow will pop off of it.

3. I chose these bowls versus plates so stray cupcake toppings would not fall to the floor. They can be found at Sur la Table

4. Party favor idea…green damask. Find these at Favor Studio

5. It is s cupcake party so snazzy cupcake wrappers are a must. Daisy Days has many wrappers to choose from along with other fun things for any event.

6. This is another favor idea. Cupcake recipes neatly packaged in a box. Why not take home your favorite flavor? The idea cam from P is for Party

7. This is another Pottery Barn item. I would have this near the entry way, hanging above a small table with cute, damask, green, yellow and grey note cards and a pen so the guests can write birthday wishes to Pam and then hang them up. This can be reused for any event and made to fit any decor all year round. A great find and piece to have, so versatile.

On to other party details.

The damask fabric would be the back drop of the cupcake bar. The table would be covered in a lovely grey, tablecloth. I would place grey napkins that were rolled, tied with a yellow ribbon. The napkins would be placed in a silver boat-shaped tray.

If Pam was near me I would allow her to use any of my vintage green dishes. These are just a few, one of each style I have.

Martini glasses, champagne flutes and margarita glasses would be turned upside down so  cupcakes can be placed on the foot of the glass. Varying heights of the glasses would make for a nice display. The candles could be placed on the glasses as well.

Other silver dishes, platters and cake stands would be used as well.

Another favor idea is to place a cupcake that was not part of the party in a martini or margarita glass, wrap in cello and tie with green and yellow satin ribbons. If this was my party I would personalize each glass for my guest with a lil painting.

Now for the good stuff. What on earth is she going to serve? Outside of some basic, standard cupcake flavors that you may want to have on hand (plain chocolate, vanilla, red velvet) here are some fun flavors to add. Click on the flavor to get the recipe!

Dark Chocolate (this is because she loves chocolate)

Lemon with Raspberry filling (this is the yellow flavor)

Pumpkin (this flavor because she has a fall birthday)

Key Lime Pie (this is the green flavor)


Cream Cheese Add some bourbon for a twist to the flavor!

Raspberry Frosting This will work great with both the lemon and chocolate cupcakes.

Lemon Cream Cheese

Dark Chocolate Ganache

Butter Cream


Cinnamon, lime candy wedges, sprinkles (because they are so fun), chocolate flakes, mini peanut butter chips, fresh raspberries, limes, lemons, hazelnuts, and dried cranberries (this is my choice for the pumpkin cupcakes).

Now we need some cocktails for this shindig…

To go along with the party colors here are several yellow cocktails.

I love fall and this is a nice warm drink that has fall written all over it… and since Pam has a fall birthday this is a great option to have as well.

Crock Pot Wassail

2 quarts apple cider

1 cup pineapple juice

½ cup honey

3 sticks cinnamon

2 whole cloves

1 whole orange cut into rings


Wash orange, cut off each end and slice.

Place all ingredients into crock pot, except brandy. Place in orange slices and let them float on top.

Cook on high for 2 hours or on low for 4 hours. You want the juice to be completely hot and the flavor of cloves and cinnamon to have permeated. Ladle into mugs. If you choose to have brandy, add a shot of brandy into the mug before ladling in the cider. Keep on low when serving, warm will not keep it hot enough.

Of course there has to be champagne and sparkling wine. It is a celebration and all celebrations need a toast or two!

A mojito will be a nice refreshing drink and the mint adds a nice splash of green to it.

I would use colored sugars to coat the rims of my glasses to make it fun and different. Green and Yellow sugar of course.

Ok well as it nears midnight I have finally finished creating Pam’s Birthday. I must retire now since my oldest has an early volleyball game and daddy won’t be back from his trip until after lunch tomrrow and that leaves me to get all 4 up, fed, dressed and ready to go early on a Saturday.

Hope you have a blessed day and Pam I hope you like my ideas! Happy early birthday and thanks for all the inspiration you give!

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4 Responses to Create PAM a Party!

  1. Thank you SO much for putting so much effort into designing my party. There are so many fabulous ideas here that I would love to incorporate into my party! Thank you thank you!! I love this!

    • Bronwyn says:

      So glad you stopped by and so honored that you liked some of my ideas! I had so much fun doing all that the planning entailed. I am glad you love it!

  2. Thais says:

    Awesome ideas Bronwyn!!! You might win me over to like this b-day party thing afterall! 😉

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