Halloween sneak peak

First all I must apologize for the typos in Friday nights post. It was way past my bedtime and I thought the spell check caught everything.

Anyway, here is a sign I put together for the block party I am decoration for next Sunday. I bought the kit from Poppy Seed Projects. I went to look at their kits again and it made me want to order so much more…but now that I have my own die cut machine I can just make my own…so much more fun!

Today I finished the chandelier. I know y’all must be thinking I am obsessed with chandelier. Well, you are right. I love how simple, easy and creative they can be. I have been thinking about if I am going to  make any for Christmas…already have an idea about a Thanksgiving one.

Later this week I am making mummies, ghosts and tombstones from cookies and shredding lots of paper.

I am still deciding if I want to dress up or not. It would be fun too but I am working so I need to be comfortable and all….

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One Response to Halloween sneak peak

  1. etcdesign says:

    hello….. your bestie down here in LA needs a sign!!!!!!!!!! you could leave off the little monsters part…… I love that!!!! So cute!!!! can’t wait to see the chandelier!!!!!!

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