Lesson Learned!

Last week I was out shopping, at Target I believe. I saw some gorgeous gloss white pillar candle holders that would be perfect for a Christmas party I am doing. And, I did not buy them then…and that was a bad, bad thing. Now I cannot find them anywhere. Not even a trace of a sku tag on a shelf saying that they were once there. I have been dreaming of them, I see them in my mind all day. I want them so bad. I have googled and have not found anything suitable and I am kicking myself in the rear for not grabbing them then. Even if I was not sure…that was the return line is for. Taking them, thinking about them and if your mind changes you take em back.

Now I am on plan B. It will still be beautiful but not what my mind sees. Spray paint is in my future. Need to take some wooded trees and turn them gloss white. I have chatted with my favorite designer about some decorative linens for the party and placed a linen order for all the white linens needed. I cannot wait.

You should see my counters though. I have a hodge podge mix of Thanksgiving and Christmas decor on them…working on tablescapes and realizing I need a garage with a few tables set up just for me to decorate.

Well, don’t be like me….when you see something you like buy it right then….

Have a blessed day!

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One Response to Lesson Learned!

  1. etcdesign says:

    have I taught you nothing!!! Never pass up on something that you think will work…. yes, that is what the return line is for!!!!!! it does look like you found a solution…. yeah! At least your things aren’t fabric…….. I learned!!!!!!! I have started to grab a sample, and ask to put the rest in the hold bin….. I can always call and have them take it out!!!!!

    Chair wraps will be cut today!!!!! 🙂

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