Red, Red and more red

Did I mention I LOVE the color red? And I love Christmas! It just works out perfectly that I can get away with as much red as I want during the holidays! (Hubbie tells me I would paint everything red if he let me, yup, pretty close.)

Well, I have a Christmas Party to do in a few weeks and I needed center pieces and other decor to decorate the other tables and spaces needed. Well, Saturday hubbie went with me to Hobby Lobby (LOVE that store) and we left that store with a full suburban of goodies and spent so little money. You gotta love their sales!

The patio art came from there and these gorgeous red glass candle holders. I also found a shiny garland to use as part of the centerpiece and grabbed 2 sparkly red candles to go on the white pillar holders I am still spray painting.

I will save the linens for another post. Most were delivered yesterday and I could not be more pleased with how gorgeous it is.

Have a blessed day!

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One Response to Red, Red and more red

  1. Emily says:

    the rest of the linens will be shipped today!!!!! Yay!!!!!

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