Dinner Party Teasers

As you know I am doing a small dinner party for a start-up. It is this weekend and I am almost ready. Last week I got the final box of the custom linens I ordered. SO GORGEOUS! This weekend I also made the party favors. Can I just say I LOVE them? Ok, I LOVE THEM!!

So I thought I would show you some of the linens…

I have the best interior designer. She has hunted for and made all the specialty linens I needed. You can check her out at ETC Creative Designs

Here is the gifts I love so much!

Ok you really did not think I was going to show you the gift before the guests received them did you?! Don’t you just love how the tissue paper coordinates with the fabric? You will have to wait until after the party to see all the other details.

I have a busy week ahead of me…lucky hubbie is going to be helping a lot with this party. (He is the CEO of the start-up that this party is for!) It will make this party feel easy peesy. I love dinner parties and if I had the time I would have more this time of year, for all my friends, a family one and a neighborhood one and so on….

Hope to post party pictures on Sunday!

have a blessed day!

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One Response to Dinner Party Teasers

  1. Emily says:

    I LOVE the tissue paper! It’s perfect!!!!! I can’t wait to see everything!!!!! Oh wait, I keep saying that don’t I???? I have seen it all, but I want to see it all TOGETHER!!!!!!!

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