Party Favors

This year I decided to make the party favors. It was a simple and easy wreath. But I added a little something to it so our guests remembered where their wreath came from.

And my favorite lil touch….

I also wanted to show you the plates we used. I painted these myself and other plates in this collection are the words Merry christmas in different languages.

I hope you enjoyed seeing all the party details. Now I need to continue working on another party via the internet and continue brainstorming for my soon to be 8 year olds party.

Have a blessed day!!

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3 Responses to Party Favors

  1. etcdesign says:

    I am so excited about my party on Monday! Thank you so much for the wonderful treats in my box!!!!! LOVE everything!!!!! Now, use some of your magic and help me finish up!!!!! This is your area, not mine!!!!! As evidenced by my dining table!!!!!!

  2. Lynette says:

    Can I come for Christmas next year?!

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