Alabama’s Glam Christmas Party

Last week I made a few things for a sparkly, glam party taking place in Alabama next week. I just love the place cards I created. The picture (a poor cell phone shot) does not do it justice. But I needed to get them done and mailed along with other goodies in a hurry. Things have worked out despite the short notice so I will be able to go set up the party, get it all together and let the hostess relax and enjoy things. I am glad it worked out, I so want to see it in person. The cell phones texts and pictures left me wanting more. So Monday morning I will grab my camera and get all the lovely details captured so I can share with y’all!

Ok here is my does not do it justice picture….

Ok so imagine only one letter per glass and either purple or silver beads. This is the initial place cards for some fab southern belles. I made identical, but a bit smaller, gift tags for the party favors. The back of the place cards and gift tags are purple, a lighter shade than the ribbon.

Purple is not part of the color scheme for the glam party but it is the hostess color. I did this because I feel it is important to add the host/hostess color to the party. It is like a piece of them throughout the event.

Ok…more to come later….

Have a blessed day!

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