Alabama Girls Christmas Glam Dinner

Merry Christmas! Hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. I sure did. So much fun, shopping and baking has been going on you have to forgive me for the late post on the Glam Dinner Party I did on a week ago.

This had to be the easiest party I have done so far. Emily of ETC Creative Design did much work prior to me showing up. The party was for her girlfriends. The design and decor came from her Christmas decorations and mantle.

Prior to me showing up in AL Emily went shopping for things I could use to decorate her table. She did a lot of work via email and phone picture/text messages from me as well. That was fun…me in my pj’s drinking coffee, Emily running he errands. (OK I love to do the shopping but it was kinda neat to see how easy it was to do it all long distance.)

Anyway back to the party…many pictures to show you of the table and other decorations for the dinning room and bar area. Hope you enjoy them.

This is the fluff…I just love all the textures and colors in this picture.

Southern gals LOVE their intials…so initial place cards it is.

Too much decoration does not exist and NOTHING is safe when I am around, besides the poor deer was bare and lacking in festive-ness.

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One Response to Alabama Girls Christmas Glam Dinner

  1. Lynette says:

    So pretty B! I love how colorful it is, so different from traditional Christmas colors, although I love that too!

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