Super Bowl Sneak Peek

My Super Bowl banners are complete. I had a lil help tieing ribbons today from my neighbor. If not, I don’t think I would have all 4 completed right now. I have other decorations I am putting together that I will post after the party. In the meantime, I am researching the best foods to offer to represent each team.

I am still working on Valentines Day. I hope to finish that tomorrow and show you. I could use an assistant. Someone to take the pictures and load them on my computer, and be a gofer now and then. Anyway, Valentines will be short-lived, hopefully. I got some great Mardi Gras mask while in New Orleans over Christmas and want to do a bit of Mardi Gras this year…we will see if I can get that party stuff together.

I have a large shopping list I need to get knock out for a Star Wars birthday in March and for graduation supplies. But first I have some 40th birthday goodies to overnight to AL for a party there this weekend.

Thanks for stopping by…

Have a blessed night!

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2 Responses to Super Bowl Sneak Peek

  1. etcdesign says:

    I know of a certain someone that would make a great assistant!!!!!!! HOPEFULLY he will be close by this time next year and can help you out… it might cost you a supper or use of laundry facilities while he is working….. but, cross your fingers!!!!!!!! You might want to “touch base” with him…..

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