Handmade Invitations

Sorry for the days that have passed without a post. I have had sick kids and got a diagnosis for myself. Turns out I have a corn allergy. This has required a lot of research as to what I can eat so I have been preoccupied with my personal life.

It is Feb. 21 and I have started  on the 25 graduation invitations that are needed for a May party. I am starting so early because my precious client chose this design. It requires a lot of cutting and many layers. The inside of the party invite has 3 layers to it so one invitation takes me about 10 minutes to assemble, this does not include all the cutting.

Once these are complete I have thank you cards to work on for the same client and of course party decorations for his fab par-tay! So this is why in February I am making party invites. Plus with other parties lining up for the same time I need to get on the ball, knock out what I can so I have time for the clients I am waiting to get dates from. 

I just love making invitations. I don’t make them often since most clients want decorations only…but keep me in mind if you  need something gorgeous announcing your fabulous event!

Have a blessed day!

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One Response to Handmade Invitations

  1. etcdesign says:

    OOOOOOOOO MMMMMMMMM GGGGGGGGGGG!!!!!!!! Um, this makes it a little too real …………. I may cry………. they look great!!!!!! It’s hard to believe that it is time to make them! When did we (he) decide on them????? Seems like forever ago!!!!

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