Star Wars Party: Decorations

Yesterday was the big party! It was blast.

This was the most fun I have had in planning, creating decorating and participating in a party yet. It was a huge success and the kids and adults are still talking about it.

Today I am posting the decoration photos. I will post some of the up close food photos later (tonight or tomorrow) along with some party pics.


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6 Responses to Star Wars Party: Decorations

  1. Lora L. Blackwell says:

    Thanks so much!! I hadn’t heard from you in so long I had begun to wonder. It seems incredible to me (not you I’m sure) that he is five already I’m doing fine except some spring allergy problems the past three weeks which are much better now. I was actually able to sing in the choir this morning – couldn’t the past two Sundays. I’ve had some sciatic nerve problems which therapy is greatly helping, but this is still not bad for my age. I’m teaching only three days a week due to budget cuts, but that also gives me time to do some important things here at home that had gone undone for a while. I’ll never be completely over the loss of LaRue, but I’m at a point that I definitely am moving forward. I am thankful for that. Would love to hear some more from you and yours. Have a good day. Love ya!

  2. Mimi says:

    Great, as usual!! You are such a talented person–I love to tell everyone you are my daughter. I know the kids had a terrific time. I can’t wait to see the pictures from the party of the kids–and the kids posing as adults!
    Mom (Mimi to the birthday boy)

  3. Mom says:

    Awesomely clever–each and every time is more incredible than the last. Joshua had pure “joy” plastered on his face the whole time. Thanks for inviting us–Nick had a great time too. When Josh has children of his own he’ll tell the “Star Wars Party” story over and over. (Complete with Obi one and Darth Vader). So many kids, so much laughter–gold in your bank of life–so great you are!!!! Love you!

  4. Kim says:

    Love the decorations. You are so talented!

  5. Aunt Gayle says:

    Decorations look great. Did you make or purchase the large ones

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