Things to come…

I have been busy this week. I was hoping to post some pictures but I have lost the cord I need to download pictures from the camera. Here is to hoping I find it tomorrow.

I have made an Easter Tree. It is small and fit well on our dinning table. Super easy to make. I attached paper flowers with pearl head pins to styrofoam eggs and added ribbon. I took a branch off a tree in the yard, spray painted it white and stuck that in some flower foam. I found a nice picket fence container at Micheal’s to hold it. Cannot wait to show you the picture.

I also made a very special Thank you card. A one of a kind for a very amazing and wonderful chef. Saturday is date night and we are going to her restaurant to hand deliver it and have a marvelous meal!

This week I also made a delicious chocolate chip and peanut butter pound cake that has a peanut butter drizzle icing. So yummy. It looks so pretty. I think it may become the new go to thing for any party, potluck or morning the girls are over for coffee.

I have also been working on plans for a yellow party in June. A vintage triangle banner, table cloths and a fluffy tutu  have been requested to me made by ETC Creative Designs. I will also be working with Callie again on some party circles I may use in a neat way.

The big graduation party plans should be finalized soon and invitations mailed out. I will breathe easier when they get in the mail. Can’t have a party without people. The special graduate has made his college pick and so now we know can purchase some fun things for the party to show off his choice!

And, on top of all that hubbie & I are going to host an Easter Egg Hunt and potluck after church Easter Sunday. It is an annual thing but we rotate houses with friends.

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