Hip Hip Hooray!

Invitations were mailed today!

I am so glad to have gotten them in the mail so I can move forward with the other party details. They would have gone on the mail sooner but I double checked everything 100 times. I am a perfectionist so I worry there was a typo, I misspelled something, did not have the correct address, forgot the RSVP card or another of the million things I worry about. Anxiety is the highest dropping them off at the post office, no more re-checking.

The yellow cards there are the Thank You cards I am working on for the senior as well. I have one more thing to add to it and I can check that off the list. It is exactly 1 month until the party and I can feel it. This will be my first party to do out-of-state. There is some comfort to doing local parties since I have a supply of things on hand in case something goes wrong. I know where all the stores are if I need to run and grab something. But I cannot take my entire house with me so I am obsessively checking my lists, measurements, things I need to buy, etc… like crazy. I would be so sick if at set up time I am missing something. I have to get this done soon so I can mail everything to the party location.

Lots of things to do for the 2 parties in a month. Plus, there is a 3rd party I need to still create, client is going back and forth on what they want. Oh and did I mention all 3 parties happen over a 8 day period, 2 different states and not in my home state? The work load keeps me accountable and on track…and  I am very thankful to be working with each client, it is fun and I  love my job!

Have a blessed day!

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2 Responses to Hip Hip Hooray!

  1. Coleman says:

    AAAAHHHH!!!! I am so excited!! Invitations in the mail!! I cannot wait to get the response from all of my pumped friends!!!!

  2. Emily says:

    We cannot wait!!!!! You know where the stores are here!!!! And you will have multiple drivers that can “run” for you!!!!

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