New work area

 Since I chose to take my love of creating and party planning from a hobby to a business I have had limited space to work. I have a house full of kiddos and a working from home hubbie so I do not get a dedicated room just for me and my loads of paper, embellishments, tools and all things pretty. I would just wheel in my 3 shelf cart from the garage to the dining room and use the table to spread out. It works great, however, I hate taking over the table and not being able to use it every night and the packing it up after a few hours to use the table was growing old.

So Saturday we loaded up the family and went to IKEA. I now have a place to work and never move it, plenty of room to create and it is next to the desk I use when I am in the CEO of the Swartz Family role. I have an ideal plan for my dream area but that will have to wait since I am not going to move the kids out of the loft just yet. I still have 2 lil ones who play with the train table, workbench and it is important they have that space. When they get older and we pass those things on then I will upgrade my space.

This has been a wonderful addition. I think it has made me more productive. I like how I just roll my chair from one desk to the other. And I love the red legs!!

Have a blessed day!

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3 Responses to New work area

  1. Coleman says:

    The new work area is amazing!! It must be like a cool breeze and so convenient to roll about. The best part is, I can now take the pot closet when I have to live with you over the summer for my residency!!

    • Bronwyn says:

      Lol! The pot closet is far from being cleaned out. But I am sure we can make the cleaning and organizing so much fun!

  2. Emily says:

    of course you love the red legs!!!! I do as well!!!! I love your new space!!!!! So excited you didn’t take my room!!!!!!!!!!! Just kidding! I know you love your guest room…. aka Emily’s room!!!!!

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