French Country

It has been a busy week. I have had no time to post. I could use an assistant to keep the blog updated but for now we will all have to deal with the one man show and wait for the weekly updates.

I completed and mailed the invites for the French Party this past week and did a lot of spray painting, the Eiffel towers needed to be gray! The invites were pretty simple but perfect.  I am in love with how this party is coming together. I cannot wait for the party day to set it all up and see it all together.

I plan to post another graduation party update, still working on that party too. Lots of banners, paper shredding and spray painting….

Have a blessed day!

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3 Responses to French Country

  1. Coleman says:

    We received our gorgeous invite the other day!!!! So excited!!!!

  2. etcdesign says:

    I LOVE the invitation!!!!! We (Coleman) started cutting triangles yesterday! Squares will be this afternoon sometime…. Fabrics are PERFECT!!!!!!!!!!

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