Graduation Party

What a FUN day. The setting up/decorating was fun. The graduate, his friend Walsh and of course my hubbie and BFF were on hand to help! We cranked up the music and went to work. I am so thankful to all of them for their help. It was an 14 hour day for me. I had 2 fabulous gals come to the rescue to set out all the food so we could get a shower before the party. Em, J and I were so appreciative for that.

Coleman LOVED it all, he and his friends partied all night. The photo booth was a hit. High School Mascot is a Pirate. Coleman has been accepted to The University of Texas at Austin…my favorite part was incorporating both into the party and I love the symbolism of the pinata. They were filled with UT loot! A tent was rented to provide shade in the yard. Various graduation type quotes were hung around the tent, many were taken from Dr. Seuss’s Oh the Places You Will Go.

My lovely workers…they were eager and willing. Love them!

The fun and happy family I did this party for! So honored to have been asked!

Blue & Yellow Streamers made by Jessie and FashionLuvBug 

Yellow Streamer curtain made by Little Extras

Tissue Poms by Prost to the Host and Pom Flair

Check out their Etsy shops. Thanks to all of them for their beautiful creations!!

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4 Responses to Graduation Party

  1. Coleman says:

    Dare I say, best graduation party ever?

  2. Coleman says:

    I still get emotional when I think about how much fun and special everything was.

  3. etcdesign says:

    I’m curious, why do I look so scared in the picture of us???? I was hoping my fear wouldn’t show….. We all had such a great time… even lighting the tent was fun, if not just a little bit scary… Thank you so much for all your hard work!!!! We all loved every bit of it….

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