French Country 3rd Birthday!

Happy Summer! Hope you are enjoying your summer. It is hot here! I just got back from a working trip and a lazy vacation afterwards. I apologize for not posting in a while. While I enjoyed some great time with me brother and his wife, we also enjoyed no internet. Although we had fun it is nice to be home and sleep in our own bed.

Miss Mercie had a fabulous day. She was in love with all the YELLOW. Her outfit was so cute and she loved it. Many times she fluffed her tutu and it was cute to see the designer fix and fluff her tutu as well.

It was a simple party where friends played and chatted. Simple lunch goodies and treats. I just love how all the decor looked. Some pieces were bought while traveling and having fun in antique shops. Enjoy the photos!

Happy Birthday Mercie!

All linens, fabric banner, tutu and Eiffel Tower shirt created by ETC Creative Designs.

Have a blessed day!

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6 Responses to French Country 3rd Birthday!

  1. Kim says:

    Does M realize that between you and Em she is going to have the best parties in all of Texas for her entire life!? How cute is all of that. I was exhausted thinking about all of that creativity! I love watching your ideas come to life. You are so talented!

    • Bronwyn says:

      Thank you! Yeah I have created a few monsters 🙂 All good of course. Kids have bdays planned for years and of course plan an outfit for the occassion. Their poor, future spouses will have a bit to live up to…..

  2. J Debra says:

    Awesome B, I have always loved watching your talents grow

    • Bronwyn says:

      thank you! Too bad grandbabies bday visits did not work out…have a cute milk and cookies party idea!

  3. Love all the yellow treats…and the cute linen favor bags!

  4. etcdesign says:

    I didn’t realize how perfect that wire vase was until I saw it with all the goodie bags in it!!!!! Everything turned out so wonderful! Thank you for letting us be part of it!!!!!! We love ya’ll so much! I’m pretty sure there is no stopping us!!!!

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