Back to creativity

Ok well it’s not like I take a break from being creative, I just take a break from creating what I dream up.

We had company for a few weeks and lots of camps and pool time. Company is headed home and all camps are over. We just have a few slow weeks of summer left. In two weeks by business companion, AKA BFF, Emily is coming to town. Wish it was a complete work collaboration event…it is a college drop off. Her oldest, my nephew, is going to UT and we will be moving him in and getting him settled.

Although it will be an emotion filled week it will feel like Christmas…she has been shopping and found quite a few goodies for me. I cannot wait to see them. I have yet to really unpack all the goodies I found in June when Em and I went shopping.

Anyway, back to work…this last week 2 more parties were added to my schedule. So looking forward to all the parties and the diversity of them.  A Cookies & Milk party has been added for a cute lil 1-year-old.

While I was taking it easy I placed a few orders for some new tools and toys to use. Looking forward to using them. Well time to get to work and crank out some back to school fun!

Have a blessed day!

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