Dinner Party on a budget

I just entered the Ultimate Host Competition sponsored by Sterling Vineyards.

The challenge was to host a party with a $75 budget using either Sterling Vineyards Vinters collection Chardonnay or Cabernet for 6 guests! The party was last night and it went so well. I was so pleased. It is a great thing I have a lot of dinnerware and decor. I only had to buy the wine, chicken and a few garnishes. I did not spend all of the $75 budget.

My theme was to focus on the seasons, well 2 of them. According to the calendar it is fall but according to the thermostat it is still summer. So I used my fall dinnerware and decor to serve a light summer meal. We were suppose to dine on the deck. However, mother nature had other plans. It has not rained here in a year. What rain we have gotten has been minimal and so scattered yet, last night it stormed. Luckily, I had everything prepared ahead of time. I was able to prepare the deck table take pictures and then reset the scene inside. It was such a shame not to dine under the stars but I am so thankful for the rain.

The dinner was: Goat cheese stuffed paquillo peppers sauteed in olive oil with capers, Piri-Piri chicken cesar salad and ice cream and brownies for dessert. Due to my allergy the marinade, dressing, croutons and ice cream were all made from scratch.

A HUGE thank you to all the great gals that made the party fun!

The winner will be announced on Monday and top entries will be posted on Facebook!

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3 Responses to Dinner Party on a budget

  1. The warm tones and organic textures of your table are wonderful. So inviting!

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