Harry Potter Dinner Party

This past weekend we celebrated a special birthday in our house. One of my girls turned 10 and she wanted a Harry Potter Party. I love throwing any kind parties for clients and friends but I absolutely love it when I do a party for one of my own kids.


For the invitations we wrote a letter to each girl like the one Harry Potter received from Hogwarts and we included Marauder’s Map as well. I sealed each like a scroll and tied them to a white balloon and my daughter drew an owl on the balloon and we hand delivered each invitation.

IMG_9883Each child received a wand a spell book when they arrived. My wonderful husband spent a Saturday to hand make all the wands. They were a big hit. We have gotten requests from others who want a wand as well. Looks like we will be making some more and my husbands got ideas on how to improve them.

The dinning room was decorated appropriately with some potions, spider china, crystals and of course floating candles just like in the Great Hall. After dinner the girls settled in to watch Harry Potter and The Goblet of Fire.

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One thing I did not snap a picture of was our entry way. We covered the front door with brick paper and posted a Hogwarts Express 9 3/4 Train sign above the door.

The Sorting Hat was perched on the foyer table just before the girls walked down the hallway where the school banners were on display.

Each girl went home with a bottle of Butter Beer (Butterscotch Cream Soda) 2 chocolate frogs and a broom pencil.

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4 Responses to Harry Potter Dinner Party

  1. Really cool! Always a favorite theme.

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