Christmas Advent

Last weekend I threw a girls craft night. We made advent calendars. This is my advent calendar I made and hung in the kitchen window.

I had been thinking a different and special ways to love on and bless my husband during the Christmas season that is not centered around buying something so I decided to combine the advent calendar idea and the 12 Days of Christmas into one gift.

I call it The 12 Days of Christmas Loving You

It is a simple project you can squeeze into the next 8 days so it is ready for him on December 1. Or you can choose to start it 12 days before or 12 days over Christmas. I am choosing December 1-12. He travels and this will be something I can throw in his suitcase and he can feel loved on the road. Plus, I think it will be great for our relationship at this time since life is busy with parties, traveling, activities, shopping etc… it is purposefully taking a moment each day to love him.

photo 3


All you need are 13 envelopes, some stickers, cardstock, ribbon or yarn and notecards. Use any other embellishments you may have on hand.

Decorate the front of 12 envelopes with numbers; use 1 envelope to make a book cover, hole punch and then secure with yarn.

photo 2a

photo 5

Make a list of 12 reasons why you love your spouse and write or type them on the notecards.

Slide note cards in envelopes and it is ready to go.

I chose to hand write each card and the cover. I prefer that when I give my husband a note or letter that I handwrite it. I feel it is more intimate than typing. But that is just me. Have fun with it and make it simple. It is the reasons why you love your spouse that is the show stealer!


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