Camping Party

IMG_0372The weather is beautiful here and a camping party was on the schedule for a special boy and his friends.

Planning a camping party is simple and quick. Go with the basics; a tent, hot dogs, trail mix and outdoor games. The boys played so much they hardly ate, well… until cake time anyway.

Make your own trail mix bar was a hit for kids and parents a like. I used some of Printabelle’s camping prints. They tied in with the décor nicely.

photo 4

I made a pool noodle javelin for the boys as well as giant pick up sticks. Both are simple projects that will add fun to any party, camp out or camping trip.

IMG_0375Pick up Sticks:

36 – 1/2″ dowel rods, 48″ long

Spray paint.

1. Divide dowel rods into 5 groups of 6 sticks.

2. Spray each group a different paint color. I used green, blue, red, yellow, purple.

3. With the extra dowel rod paint it black, this is your helper stick.

Pool Noodle Javelin:

12 pool noodles

Duct Tape

1. Connect ends of a pool noodle to itself and wrap with duct tape at least 3 times. Do this for 6 of the noodles.

2. Connect rings together, 3 on top, 3 on bottom securing with duct tape.

3. Attach end rings to another noodle, these will be the legs.

4. Use a metal rod and insert into the legs of the javelin and hammer into the ground. The metal rods keep the noodles straight and secure resulting on hours of play time.

5. Use the remaining 4 noodles as the javelins.


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