Hi! Thanks for stopping by and following me on my journey as I take my passion for parties from a hobby to a profession.

I am a mom of 4, and a marathoner. I love to cook, entertain, make handmade cards and invitations as well as decor. I love to have people in my home and I make every effort to make sure they have a great time and feel special no matter what we are celebrating. I have planned all kinds of events for my family and friends. Even as a child I planned the best tea parties for my dolls. I can take any occasion from a simple brunch with friends to a Christmas Dinner Party and make it a one of a kind gorgeous event.  I love all the details of the planning stage and I have so much fun creating the perfect invite for each occasion.

Please visit often and leave a comment for me. I would love to hear from you!

Have a blessed day!

Bronwyn Swartz

This is my mom life

This is my running life


4 Responses to About

  1. Stancey Curry says:

    Hi!!! I am having a baby shower for one of my girlfriends and I am the only hostess!!!
    Help! Can you consult me on how to have a precious baby boy shower that won’t put me in the poor house since I will not be splitting the expense!!!

    Thanks for all your help! Your website is precious!!!


  2. rose says:

    I am hosting a baby shower for my daughter and the theme is Disney Babies. I happen to see on a website pictures of 4 Disney baby cardboard cutouts that are placed on the floor about 3ft. tall. The cutouts were of Baby Mickey, Minni, Goofy and Donald Duck. Any idea where I might find these characters. I have searched many websites and cannot find anything that resembles the cutouts in the pictures.

    • Bronwyn says:

      I use cardboardcutouts.com, they don’t have Disney babies… Not sure where to find those, I searched before for them and did not have any luck. I will keep looking myself. One thing you could do is have Kinko’s do a large print out of one for you, you could adhere to cardboard and then cut off the excess. It may be time consuming but it would work.

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